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Layers jumping when moved in TGIS_ControlLegend

ScoL asked on March 15, 2021, keyword: Viewer / Editor
We are using Delphi 10.3 Rio and Tatukgis DK11.28.0.18270. We use multiple layers to show water, railways, streets, pathing, polygons, etc...

We rarely move layers, but sometimes it is useful to see waterways when working on polygons. We noticed in Tat11 that the ability to drag a layer does not seem to work even though AllowMove is true. We can move by clicking on ctrl+up or ctrl+down on different layers, but frequently, when we move a layer up or down 1 or 2 spots, it jumps randomly somewhere else in the list.

Our layer locations and our layer create order are very different. When we create a layer and add it to the map, we use a move command, and the move value (1, 2, -3, etc...) is a setting in our database based on user preference. We suspect that the design order of the layers is the cause of the layer jump in TGIS_ControlLegend.

Any help or thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Artur Redzko (TatukGIS) replied March 15, 2021
Please test this issue again using the latest DK release. If the problem persists, report the problem to support@ and the steps to reproduce the issue.
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