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DK11 VCL - Replicating a Water Well in 3D space

Crag Cox asked on April 12, 2021, keyword: Developer Kernel
I have the need to replicate water wells in 3D Space - basically a thick line with know upper and lower elevations.  I am approaching it as a grouping of points with known X,Y, and Z values, which works great for the tops of the wells. 

What is the best approach to replicate the depth of the well in feet?  I attempted using scaled "negative M values" (M*-1 ft) to represent well depth and a scale factor of 500% to make it visible in 3D space (e.g., Z-scale of 500% and M-scale of 500%), but it doesn't seem to accurately depict true depth.  For instance, I can set the Flood elevation equal to the known bottom elevation of the well, but the depiction based on depth is very different.  Should I use a 3D Line with two Z values?   
Crag Cox replied April 06, 2021
I reviewed the Viewer 3D sample project and believe the volumentric lines would be a nice solution.  I have some code I have used in the past that may provide the necessary functionality with a bit of work.  
rico52 replied April 07, 2021
There are two solutions:

1. Points with M coordinate
- create layer with a set of 3D points X,Y,Z,M where: X,Y - well location, Z - lower well elevation, M - well depth (upper - lower elevation)
- in a  layer property form select Marker style (circle),  marker color (blue), and marker size greater than 1 (5 pt for example)
- select Outline color as marker color (blue)
- switch viewer to 3D  mode

2. Volumetric lines
- create layer with a set of 3D lines X,Y,Z. Each line contain 2 vertices P1(x1,y1,z1) and P2(x2,y2,z2) where: x1=x2 and y1=y2 - well location, z1 - lower well elevation, z2 - upper well elevation
- in a  layer property form select Line color (blue), and Line size greater than 1 (4 pt for example)
- select Outline Pattern as Transparent
- switch viewer to 3D  mode
Crag Cox replied April 12, 2021
I went with Option 2 - Volumetric Lines and relied on the Viewer3D Sample for guidance.  It all seems to work as expected in 3D space, but does not provide any of the usual attributes in 2D space, like Label and Marker settings.  I noticed that your example relies on 3D lines, but the Viewer3D Sample uses 3D Points.  Could this be part of my issue?  I tried to switch my code to 3D Lines, but am having trouble.  My X,Y,Z settings are based on database fields which seems to make the program complain.  I may set them as variables and try again.    
Tomasz Kosinski (TatukGIS) replied April 12, 2021
I suggest dropping an email to support@. Current conversation is going to be too specific to your particular case.
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