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Bits & Bones

December 19, 2003

Bits & Bones specializes in the development of biological-archeological software with an emphasis on database and GIS related programs. I am currently employed by the Dutch National Museum of Natural History to organize the database of their extensive collection (listing over 13 million natural history objects) and to develop an application that will enable the users (without the need for extensive GIS knowledge) to generate custom maps to reflect a combination of aspects, such as species, time, place, accuracy of information, bio-geographical and political regions, etc., to be used in biodiversity research projects. The DK is already in use at the Museum in the form of a small mapping application for the archeological collection itself. It documents the locations and shows where to find objects or sub-collections within the extensive Museum storage facilities.

I have also used the DK core in an application for the archeological unit of the City of Groningen. This application enables users to analyze digital archaeological excavation maps and related sets of data without the need for extensive database and or GIS skills.

The key points in my selection of the DK product for my work were i) the available maps are in a variety of formats (shp, map/tab, dxf) and ii) my clients require a small and "mobile" application. I must say I am more than content about the performance and versatility of the DK and I am eagerly awaiting every new DK release or update.
With regards,

Willem Schnitger
Bits & Bones
Edam, Netherlands