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EltS asked on March 15, 2021, keyword: Developer Kernel

We have a mapping system for the energy distribution network, with a lot of detail in terms of visual configuration.
We use Oracle database, but to improve performance the map displays the data from SQlite files, so when there is some change in the registration we update the SQlite.
Anyway, we do not edit the map using the Editor and saving in SQlites, we use the map only for data visualization.
However, we still need to improve performance.
Our customization comes part of the TTKG file, and others we did at the events (paintShape and PaintLabel).
I would like to know if there is another way to do all the configuration without using the events, or if it will really improve the performance of the application.
We are using DK 11 ASP.NET.

P.S.: I am from Brazil. Text translated by Google Translate. 
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