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DK11 Delphi - Exporting portions of a grid as an SQL layer

Crag Cox asked on March 15, 2021, keyword: Viewer / Editor
Most of the grids available to me from public sources cover very large areas.  Can you advise me on how to export more limited areas to SQL layers.  I have tried to export DEMs via Export to Image with limited success.  I'm hoping grid files may be easier to deal with.  If the idea of exporting to a database table is the wrong approach, please let me know the optimal approach

Artur Redzko (TatukGIS) replied March 15, 2021
Each export can be narrowed by a visible extent of a map. You must specify this parameter to limit the grid area.
Crag Cox replied March 15, 2021
Thank you for your response.  I am limiting the grid with the visible extent options, and exporting as a Grid ZLIB [GRID], and exporting to Firebird.  It there something else I might be missing?  For instance in the TTKPS file the EngineOptions = 8.


Artur Redzko (TatukGIS) replied March 15, 2021
For faster export use EngineOptions=16
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