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Natural Earth Data

This world map dataset from www.naturalearthdata.com is prepared as two ready-to-use TatukGIS projects focused on cultural, physical, and raster data which are perfect for use as quick-start base maps. The data set, with TTKGP project files, is available as a free download.

Natural Earth Data is composed of ESRI SHP vector and georeferenced TIFF raster layers at 1:10 million, 1:50 million, and 1:110 million scales. All the map layers align precisely.

Natural Earth Data is a public domain map data set that is free for use or deployment in any type of project. The maps reflect the collaboration of many volunteers and is supported by the NACIS (North American Cartographic Information Society).

Cultural data organized as a TatukGIS project.

Physical data organized as a TatukGIS project.