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Editor / Viewer Video Tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Introduction

General introduction to the default Editor/Viewer user interface.



Tutorial 2 - Reprojection

On-the-fly reprojection of vector and raster layers between coordinate systems.



Tutorial 3 - Setup up a project.

Making a map project from vector, aerial image, and Digital Terrain Model layers. Demonstrates some visual layer property features, presenting layer information in the Legend, and 3D visualization of a DTM.



Tutorial 4 - Introduction to scripting.

General introduction to the Editor scripting features. Demonstrates how the scripts are organized, how to use a script, how to add a script to the menu, etc.



Tutorial 5 - Writing a simple script.

Introduction to the Editor Scripting IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Demonstrates writing a simple script.


Tutorial 6 - Clipboard operations.

Introduction to buffering and clipboard layer operations using the TatukGIS Editor. Includes geometric computations, geometric selection types, and use of a buffered area to perform a spatial selection.



Tutorial 7 - Attribute operations.

Advanced attribute operations: Using the Data panel to perform attribute editing, sorting, querying, apply fields rules.