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License, Support, Upgrades

The full TatukGIS license agreement is available to download as PDF.

License Summary

A TatukGIS Editor license grants one person a perpetual right to use the product on one computer, physical or virtual. A registered licensed user may additionally install and use the Editor product on a second computer (typically a laptop for travel or home computer) under the same license, provided that i) the user is individually registered to the license in the TatukGIS system, ii) the Editor is used only by the same registered user on both computers, and iii) the Editor is never used on both computers at the same time.

Concurrent-user licensing, for deployment of the Editor to a shared environment such as a terminal server configuration, is also available. The price for one concurrent-user license is three times the price of one per-user license. Concurrent-user licensing requires the customer to use a reliable procedure (such as Microsoft or Citrix terminal server configuration) to ensure the number of users at any time never exceeds the number of concurrent-user licenses purchased.

Plug-ins created using the Editor's built-in scripting IDE may be deployed to, and used by, other Editor licensed users.

Trial Version Limitations

  • The Editor trial version may be used only for testing and evaluation purposes. Use of the trial version for any commercial purpose is prohibited.
  • Use of the trial version is limited to 10-day trial period starting from the date it is downloaded.
  • The trial version has a 25-minute session limitation, after which the program closes and must be restarted.

Otherwise the Editor trial version is fully functional.

Support and Update Maintenance

Editor license maintenance is on an annual subscription basis, with the first 12 months included with the license purchase. Maintenance includes:

  • Download access to each newly published retail product version (updates and upgrades) and rights to use versions that are downloaded.
  • Access to TatukGIS email technical support.
  • Write-access to the Question & Answer resource.

Renewal of license maintenance for each subsequent 12-month period is optional and costs 40% of the current license price if performed by the scheduled maintenance expiration date, 60% of the license price if performed after a lapse but within 12 months after the maintenance expiration date, and 80% of the license price thereafter. Maintenance renewal transactions involving multiple Editor licenses qualify for volume price discount.

Free TatukGIS Viewer

The TatukGIS Viewer is licensed as freeware and may be used for private and commercial proposes. The Viewer may be redistributed to others pursuant to TatukGIS guidelines. The Viewer may not be altered or customized in any way. As a free product, the GIS viewer is not supported (though it is updated often and thoughtful feedback is welcome).