The free TatukGIS Viewer is a general-purpose desktop GIS viewer of map projects and geospatial data in a wide range of formats. The Viewer is a slimmed down version of the TatukGIS Editor, with certain omitted features. See the Editor/Viewer feature comparison and product description.

The Viewer can be used to customize the appearance of each layer and build sophisticated map projects for use in TatukGIS products or custom applications developed from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK). As a DK developed application, the Viewer is an easy way to evaluate the DK performance and support for data formats and many features. The products share the same comprehensive visual layer properties and legend controls.

The Viewer can be used to distribute, without software licensing cost, custom GIS map projects and data to other users. The Viewer is licensed as a free product for personal and commercial use.

As with other TatukGIS products, the free Viewer is updated regularly.

Download Free Version

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