The free TatukGIS Viewer is a general-purpose desktop GIS viewer of map projects and geospatial data, supporting a great number of formats and coordinate systems with on-the-fly layer reprojection. Comprehensive layer properties and legend controls provide the means to fully customize the appearance of each layer and create sophisticated multi-layer map projects. A dedicated Data Panel displays layer attribute information in grid form with powerful query tools that interact with the map. Built into the layer properties control are some relatively advanced features including dynamic shape aggregation, data classification methods, choropleth maps, and layer statistics.

The free Viewer is a slimmed down version of the TatukGIS Editor, with certain omitted features. See the Editor/Viewer feature comparison. Map projects created with the Viewer are fully compatible with other TatukGIS products and any custom application developed from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK), and vice versa. The free Viewer can be useful for sharing digital maps and data with others.

As a DK developed application, the Viewer offers an easy way to evaluate some DK features such as the visual layer properties, legend, scale, north arrow, and line style editor controls, support for data formats and coordinate systems, and performance with specific data sets.

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