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Developer Kernel for Python

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) for Python edition is a professional grade GIS SDK (software development kit) designed for use with the Python programming language. Development can be on Windows, MacOS, and Linux of applications for the same operating systems.

Built using the same approach as built-in Python classes, the DK for Python behaves like any other Python package, is compatible with any IDE supporting Python (Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, PyScripter, PyCharm, and others), and provides context-aware code completion. The SDK can be used with other Python packages, such as NumPy and Matplotlib (see example), to create custom scripts for geospatial data processing.

The DK for Python features the same object-oriented API and comprehensive geospatial functionality as other DK product editions, except for differences required by the different technologies.

Because the DK for Python is useful in ways that can be complimentary to GIS development performed using other DK editions, the DK Python edition is available without additional cost to all licensed developers (with active maintenance) of any other DK edition, e.g., for Delphi, .NET, ASP.NET, Java, or ActiveX.

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