Developer Kernel for Delphi

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Delphi (DK.Delphi) edition is a professional grade GIS SDK designed for the Embarcadero RAD Studio Delphi and C++Builder development platforms to develop custom GIS applications for multiple operating systems. The DK for Delphi edition consists of two distinct frameworks sharing the same functionality.

  • VCL framework used to develop applications for Windows.
  • FMX framework used with to develop applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Applications developed for iOS and Android can share the same functionality as normal desktop applications, including local data storage (vector/raster layers, SQL layers on SQLite database). In other words, iOS and Android apps are not repackaged, slimmed-down web apps requiring persistent network access or otherwise having restricted functionality. In most cases porting a DK.Delphi FMX developed Windows desktop application to iOS or Android is a matter of just recompiling the same app for all platforms, though some controls (e.g., the Layer Properties control) may require a tablet-size screen.

The DK for Delphi edition features the same comprehensive API and extensive functionality as other DK product editions, except for differences required by the different technologies.

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