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Editor - Themes Manager Description

The Themes Manager module provides very easy access to predefined theme setups that can be applied to a layer. Used in combination with the Editor visual layer properties control, the Themes Manager enables a user to create, apply, switch between, and view themes in seconds. Support includes grouping of themes in maps, advanced template printing to paper or a PDF document, and centralized administrative management.

A theme controls how spatial data is visually presented (scale, colors, outlines, labels, use of symbols, etc.) on the map. Logical visual themes make datasets more intuitive and useful, increasing user productivity. Each theme can be shown in a second or popup a window that can be linked to the main map for synchronized zooming and panning while viewing the same data under different themes. As an example, a theme window might present a magnified view of a map area highlighting key infrastructure objects using colors or icons.

Theme manager Three opened theme windows, one with legend. The Themes Manager is visible to the left.

The Themes Manager is a sophisticated way of handling layer properties as TatukGIS INI files stored independently of the layer or project. By storing themes independently of the layer, themes can be reused (off-the-shelf) with new datasets and managed by administrators. Furthermore, a layer with an applied theme can be reused in multiple projects. The functionality is applicable to a wide range of datasets and purposes, including 3D map projects. While map themes can also be implemented using just the standard Editor visual layer property tools, the Themes Manager makes this job easier and enables powerful additional possibilities.

Themes Manager template printing feature accommodates up to three additional themes.

The Themes Manager is also available as a free LITE version that is without the administrative management, themes grouping, and template printing features.

Use involves the following steps:

  • Set up the layer in the Editor using the standard Editor features.
  • Start the Themes Manager module and select a layer.
  • The Themes Manager automatically searches the directory (variable) for the layer's .ini files.
  • The found .ini files appear in the Themes Manger for applying styles.
  • Each configured theme can be shown in its own theme window.

The Themes Manager module is an extension to the TatukGIS Editor, developed using the Editor’s built-in scripting tools and object API. The creator of this module (TatukGIS value-added partner SmallToGo) has deep experience with GIS systems for municipal water pipe, gas, and electricity networks and has developed a number of custom Editor modules for GIS management of utility network infrastructure.