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Editor - Network Tracing Description

The Network Tracing module extends the TatukGIS Editor with network analysis functionality essential for managing infrastructure networks involving water, gas, or electricity. The module can be used, for example, to quickly identify a valve(s) to close down a portion of a network afflicted by a pipe or cable breach. For electricity or city heating networks, it can trace down through the network below a sub-station, such as to identify gaps in the network. Traceout analysis is performed fast and efficiently using just the connectivity of the objects in the GIS. Results are found in seconds.

The module works on all layers with arc data. Results of a traceout can be listed or saved into a new vector layer.

A traceout is started in one of three ways:

  • By clicking on an arc object on the map
  • From a selected arc object
  • From multiple selected arc objects (a multi-traceout)

Trace stop object(s) can be selected on the map or defined using a standard query definition.


Network Traceing

A network trace to find valves in a network afflicted by a ruptured pipe.


Network Traceing

Trace of the cable network below an electrical power substation.


Network Traceing

Trace stop objects can be defined by query.


The Network Tracing module is developed using the TatukGIS Editor’s built-in scripting environment and API.