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Editor - City Heating Description

City Heating is a package of modules designed to address the GIS requirements of municipal hot water heating networks, such as are commonly used in European countries. The City Heating application menu bar contains functionality only for the network administrator. User functionality/features are provided via pop-up menus for fast access to commonly used functions.

City Heating runs on top of the TatukGIS Editor product, and is developed using the Editor’s built-in scripting/customization tools and object API. Like the Editor, City Heating is appropriate for multi-user environments with data storage on a database server in any TatukGIS supported SQL layer format, e.g., Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, MSSQL Spatial, ArcSDE, IBM DB2 Spatial Extender, TatukGIS SQL binary, Geomedia SQL Server, etc.

The main features of the City Heating application include:

  • A new way of editing map objects designed specifically for municipal hot water heating networks. (See video demonstration below.)
  • Configurable editors using metadata stored in a SQLite database.
  • Open data storage model. Customer is free to choose between any TatukGIS supported database engine and SQL data type.
  • Object specific editors as well as general purpose editors.
  • Multi-line editing of pipe sets, e.g., one pipe carrying hot water from the heating plant to the customer and a parallel pipe returning the water back to the heating plant.
  • Object editing using enumerated values in fields.
  • Administration module for setting up enumerators, user and groups, and field properties, e.g., fields shown for a group of users.
  • Very fast network trace module using the network connectivity, such as to determine the section of the network dependent on a given station or to determine which valves to close in the event of a broken pipe event.
  • Theme configuration module with theme windows.
  • Object detailing to enhance visibility of crowded areas such as T-junctions.
  • Bookmarks.
Additional features under development include:
  • Interfaces to calculation modules.
  • Dimensioning module with chain and orthogonal dimensioning.
  • House connection editor (for editing connections of the hot water network to each consumer residence or business location).
  • And more....

Multiple editor types based on the same class using SQLite database for configuration.

Network trace module shows portion of a network supplied by a particular station.
Pipes not connected to this portion of the network are easily determined.

Administration tool to setup up fields, enumerators, users, groups …


Video demonstrating data editing operations.

Video demonstrating data viewing, spatial selection, and printing.