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TatukGIS releases the Aerial Imagery Corrector

January 15, 2002

TatukGIS has announced the release of the Aerial Imagery Corrector (AIC), Lite edition, an affordable photogrametry product used to rectify, mosaic, and georeference aerial imagery. The AIC supports more than 20 projections and 400 datums, accepts SPOT, JPEG, TIFF, BMP format image files, and enables the mosaicing of unlimited multiple images into very large, wide-area coverages. Output files are stored to the TatukGIS PixelStore format, a SQL-based pixel coverage standard that can handle unlimited image file sizes. More manageable, "snapshot" sized, image fragments can be exported from the PixelStore file to standard BMP or TIFF format files.

The rectification features supported by the AIC depend on the product edition, with the Lite edition supporting the polynomial approximation rectification method, with a choice of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd order of calculation. The AIC is intuitive and the product documentation is easy to follow, incorporating tutorials with ample screen shots. A 30-day trail download is available from www.tatukgis.com.

The AIC represents the first final-user product to be created internally by TatukGIS using its own Developer Kernel, a comprehensive GIS development tool kit. Releases of the more advanced editions of the AIC, "Standard" and "Otho", are planned for 2002.


AIC Editions and Features

Feature Lite (1) Standard Ortho
Image rectification (2) x x x
Image Mosaicing x x x
Multi-segment polynomial rectification   x x
Image mosaicing   x x
Re-projecting   x x
Image Orthorectification     x
Vector re-mapping     x
(1) Presently available for purchase (other editions under development)
(2) Polynomial approximation method (1st , 2nd, and 3rd order)