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TatukGIS ports the Developer Kernel to Linux

September 08, 2001

In response to market feedback, TatukGIS has recently invested the development effort to port the DK to Linux, using Borland's Kylix development product. We expect to post the first DK beta supporting basic Kylix/Linux functionality for licensed DK users on the TatukGIS web site the week of September 10. The final DK 6.0 release, expected to happen within the next several days, will now support Linux on a beta basis, in addition to ActiveX, TAB, DXF, DNG � and all the other new 6.0 features that have already been announced or that have already been introduced first and second betas during August. We believe that, with the support of the Linux platform, the DK 6.0 will become the first non-java cross-platform - Widows and Linux - GIS development kit ever made available.