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TatukGIS Supporting ESRI ArcSDE and Personal Geodatabase Files

January 21, 2008

TatukGIS is pleased to announce support for vector data created by ESRI ArcSDE and Personal Geodatabase.  

 The ArcSDE SQL support includes:

  • Direct connection to ArcSDE SQL layers for map display, independent of any middleware
  • Utilization of ArcSDE spatial indexes for fast spatial queries
  • Editing of attribute values and structure
  • Geometric object deletion
  • Export from ArcSDE layers to other supported file formats
  • ArcSDE layers running on MSSQL Server, Oracle, or other server database compatible with the ArcSDE standard.
  • Compatibility with ArcSDE 9.2 and earlier versions

 The Personal Geodatabase (MDB) support includes:

  • Direct connection to PGDB layers for map display and editing, independent of any ESRI middleware
  • Editing and creation of map geometry
  • Editing of attributes values and structure
  • Export/import data between PGDB files and other supported formats
  • Creation of new PGDB map layers

Connection to ESRI Personal Geodatase layers is now a standard feature of all the above listed TatukGIS products. Connection to ArcSDE layers is also a standard feature in the TatukGIS Internet Server and TatukGIS Editor products. No additional TatukGIS license fee is required to use these products with ArcSDE map layers.

Regarding the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) product (DK.NET, DK-ActiveX, and DK-VCL editions), the support for ArcSDE data is licensed separately as the DK-Spatial Database Extensions product. (The DK Spatial Database Extensions also includes DK read/write support for Oracle Spatial/Locator data structure.)

The ArcSDE and Personal Geodatabase support can be evaluated using the standard DK, Editor, or Internet Server trial versions. For guidance on how to connect a TatukGIS product to an ArcSDE or Personal Geodatabase layer, refer the FAQ items KB10783 and KB10765