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TatukGIS Internet Server 9 Upgrade

November 18, 2010

TatukGIS has released version 9 of its GIS Internet Server introducing 3,000 pre-defined coordinate systems, on-the-fly map reprojection, additional 3rd-party spatial database server formats, and other significant new features and enhancements. A free trial version is available.
Version 9 includes features previously introduced in the Developer Kernel 9:
  • Advanced support for coordinate systems/projections reflecting EPSG codes and OGC WKT definitions, with almost 3,000 pre-defined coordinate systems (including all U.S. State Planes) and user-defined coordinate systems.
  • On-the-fly reprojection of image, grid, and vector map layers for display of map layers from different coordinate system on a single map.
  • Automatic coordinate system recognition with most layer types.
  • Image, grid, and vector map rotation.
  • Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality.
  • Support for additional vector/raster map formats: TAB/MAP, DWG2000, S-57, JSON, WMS, WFS, LandXML, OpenStreetMap, GSHHS, FME, GDL/OGR, Surfer Binary Grid.
  • Support for additional spatial database server map layer formats: Microsoft SQL Spatial, PostGIS, MapInfo SpatialWare, Oracle GeoRaster, ArcSDE Raster.
  • Support for user-defined layers to read/write data from almost any source.
  • Grid data export.
  • HTML style rendering of labels.
  • Hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-layers, sub-projects.
  • Hundreds of other improvements. 
The version 9 also reflects several Internet Server specific changes:
  • Operations optimized for better performance on multicore/multiprocessor systems.
  • SamplesAPI altered to use the same sample data set as the Developer Kernel 9.
  • All samples updated to render properly in Chrome browser.
  • The Set#6/WMS sample is added to illustrate how to create a simple WMS server.
  • Easier deployment.
feature list is available under the product description.

The TatukGIS Internet Server is an ASP.NET server supporting an extensive object API for the development and deployment of web-based GIS mapping applications.