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TatukGIS Developer Kernel Version 6.0

May 18, 2001

TatukGIS plans to offer version 6.0 of the DK in the summer of 2001. Relative to version 5.0, 6.0 will support i) Delphi 6, ii) ActiveX/Visual Basic, iii) additional data formats - TAB, DXF, DWG, and improved handling of MIF, and iv) other miscellaneous advancements, including improved speed. We plan to incrementally introduce the new 6.0 features to our licensed TatukGIS DK user community by posting beta versions to the download section of this web site. These beta downloads will be available only to licensed TatukGIS DK users. We will send e-mail notifications of significant new beta introductions to all those registered on the TatukGIS mailing list. A beta version supporting ActiveX is expected before the end of June.

Because of the TatukGIS upgrade policy, there is little difference between purchasing the DK 5.0 now or waiting for the release of 6.0, because we support licensed DK users with such product upgrades during the first year after purchase, at no additional charge.

TatukGIS will begin offering a trial download of the DK 6.0 (with ActiveX/Visual Basic support) to any visitor to the TatukGIS web site at the time that the final 6.0 product is actually introduced.