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TatukGIS DK toolkit used for Magellan GPS Navigation Product in Australia

August 07, 2003

The Navigator, an in car GPS navigation system for both laptop PC's and Windows Pocket PC devices, was released to the Australian market by Magellan GPS Systems at the Sydney Consumer Electronics and Entertainment exhibition in June. The product was made available for retail sales on June 23 and is being marketed nationally in Australia by Magellan GPS Systems.


The Navigator was created from the TatukGIS DK-VCL toolkit by Osprey Computing, located in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Osprey Computing has been a DK licensed user since July, 2002. Furthermore, the TatukGIS AIC product was used to prepare the PixelStore raster map image layer that provides a stunning visual backdrop to the vector maps in the laptop PC version of the product. The raster maps were contributed to the Navigator by Ausway, the producer of the Sydway and Melway street map directories. Using the TatukGIS PixelStore image system, the Navigator is extremely fast with even half gigabyte sized raster map images.


Click here to see the quote provided by Hugh Carroll of Osprey Computing relating to his experience with the TatukGIS DK.

Click here [pdf] for a detailed description of the Navigator product and how it was developed, provided by its creator, Hugh Carroll of Osprey Computing.

Click here [pdf] to see the Navigator press announcement released by Magellan GPS Systems in Australia.

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