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geologix “Logo” Road Infrastructure Asset Management Solution

June 30, 2015

Swiss company geologix AG has used the Developer Kernel in development of its "Logo" information system for planning, managing, and maintaining road infrastructure. Logo is addressed to all persons and organizations entrusted with roads administration, including road engineering and construction planning. Logo is used by smaller communes with up to 30 km of roads and streets, cities with up to 500 km of road and streets, and counties/states with more than 3,000 km of roads and streets to manage.

With its modular design, Logo can be adapted to different requirements. Dedicated modules contain functions and models for managing the whole range of road-related infrastructure, including pavement quality, drainage, bridges, road signs, signalization, street lighting and power consumption, speed restrictions, traffic levels, traffic accident details, traffic noise pollution calculation and abatement, inspection and repair inventory, roadwork maintenance planning, and project management.

Logo pavement quality analysis using colors. - Where is the road surface damaged?

With an easy to use and comprehensive user interface, all infrastructure objects can be generated, displayed, reported on, and analyzed. Pre-defined reports or custom reports defined from unique queries can be superimposed and displayed. Maps are generated in real time, showing the location of data being reported on using different colors. The data can be imported and exported in various formats. Logo supports interfaces to many specialized road data acquisition systems and GIS applications using OGC standards. Pictures and videos can be integrated into customer solutions, offering a better orientation to the "real world".

Logo stored objects projected on 3D-Videofile presenting a virtual impression of the "real world".

Asset management of bridges with detailed attributes, documents, and photos.

geologix has licensed the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (VCL Enterprise edition) for its GIS development since 2001. The company commented on its experience with the Developer Kernel in a customer testimonial in August, 2014 and a much earlier testimonial in April, 2002.

Learn more about the Logo road information system by visiting the geologix web site at: www.geologix.ch