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Battlespace Simulations, Inc., USA

September 24, 2014

Battlespace Simulations, Inc. (BSI) recently used the TatukGIS Developer Kernel native support for Web Mapping Services and on-the-fly map projection to add important new functionality to its Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE):

  • On-line streaming MapQuest OpenStreetMap data (provided courtesy of MapQuest and OpenStreetMap), and
  • Dynamic map reprojection between the Spherical Mercator and Plate CarrĂ©e (Equidistant Cylindrical) projections to support simulations at northern and southern latitudes without the distortion inherent in the standard WGS 84 Equidistant Cylindrical projection.

The ability to stream maps and on-the-fly reproject vector and raster layers between coordinate systems are powerful features of TatukGIS’ Developer Kernel. We’re very fortunate we chose the TatukGIS DK for our GIS core. It is truly amazing the features we can add to our .NET applications with minimal integration effort. The TatukGIS team consistently delivers outstanding value!

Gary DeYoung
Battlespace Simulations, Inc.

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