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Customer News

Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation: Systems Developed Using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel

pcSKOG Forestry Software Upgraded from ArcView to TatukGIS DK.NET

Optima Consulting Using DK for Radio & Telecommunications Industry

gs-soft offers MssStick for NATO Standard Military Map Layers

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FGIS: The Forestry GIS plugin to the TatukGIS Editor ...

TatukGIS Editor Training Kit focusing on default user interface features ...

Natural Earth Data Quick Start (free)

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TatukGIS Developer Kernel 10.2

TatukGIS has released the latest major new version of its royalty-free GIS Developer Kernel (DK) component for the Embarcadero Delphi/C++Builder, Microsoft .NET WinForms/WPF, and Microsoft ActiveX/OCX development platforms, introducing important new features and improvements:

  • Integrated 3D map display features, including presentation of DTM (digital terrain models), 3D vector rendering, automatic draping of image and 2D vector layers over DTM models, flood simulation, light & shadow control, camera/scene control…
  • Full 64 bit support for VCL, ActiveX and .NET.
  • Rewritten .NET code with support for .NET 4.0, MONO (.NET edition)
  • WPF controls for .NET (.NET edition)
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support (VCL edition)
  • Advanced line styles,
  • Opening Web Map Tile services (such as MapQuest/OpenStreetMap tiles) as a map layer
  • Contour line generation from a digital terrain model
  • Support for Lidar data in XYZ format
  • Spatial support for IBM DB2 & Informix databases (Enterprise edition)
  • Extended spatial support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases (Enterprise edition)
  • Improved SVG support for symbols
  • Redesigned VPF and S-57 support,
  • Enhanced routing functionality and performance, including support for road centerline elevation data
  • Improved OpenStreetMap support, including polygon and point features

Download Trial version
Download Retail version (for customers)  

Developer Kernel Compact Framework Edition 10

TatukGIS is working on a version 10 release of the DK-CF edition (for developing mobile GIS applications for the Windows Mobile or Compact Edition OS).

TatukGIS Editor 3.5

Recently added features include opening Web Map Tile services, generating Web Map Tiles, contour line generation from a DTM, support for the IBM DB2 and Informix spatial server databases, and other new features and improvements from the DK 10 upgrade.

On-the-fly image and vector layer reprojection

A series of recently published blogs, Seven scripts in seven days, demonstrates use of the Editor’s built-in scripting features to perform useful tasks such as generate contour lines from a DTM, perform triangulation on a layer, implement live GPS, generate Web Map Tiles, interoperate with Google Maps and Bing Maps, export a map to Google Earth…

The upcoming Editor version 4 will add image and vector layer rectification, georeferencing, and mosaicing features. The TatukGIS Aerial Imagery Corrector (AIC) product will be discontinued when the Editor 4 is released. AIC customers will have an opportunity to upgrade to the Editor.

Download Trial version
Download Retail version (for customers)

IBM DB2 and Informix Spatial databases

The TatukGIS DK Enterprise edition, GIS Editor, and free GIS Viewer products now directly support (read/write) the IBM DB2 Spatial Extender and IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade databases. With the addition of the IBM spatial formats, TatukGIS products now support (free of any middleware) all leading advanced spatial databases.

3rd Party Products

FGIS: Forestry GIS plugin to the TatukGIS Editor

Forestry GIS (FGIS) is now available as a $49 plug-in to the TatukGIS Editor. FGIS extends the Editor with a simple, easy-to-use, and customizable suite of tools aimed at making forestry and land management professionals' jobs easier. The FGIS plug-in was developed using the Editor’s built-in scripting features and is an excellent example of the use of scripts to add custom features or extensions for distribution to other Editor users.

Arc2TatukGIS (Free)

The Arc2TatukGIS plug-in to ArcGIS has been updated to support ArcGIS v.10 v.10 (previous support was for ArcGIS v.9). Arc2TatukGIS enables export from ArcGIS/ArcMap to a TatukGIS map project, for ready use with TatukGIS products.

Natural Earth Data Quick Start (Free)

Natural Earth Data (a public domain world map dataset composed of SHP files and georeferenced TIFF raster layers) is now available as two ready-to-use TatukGIS projects (datasets with the TTKGP project files). These are perfect for quick-start base maps in TatukGIS projects.

TatukGIS Editor Training Kit

The $149 TatukGIS Editor Training Kit has been released, with a focus on the features of the product's default user interface. This compliments the previously released Editor Customization Training Kit which teaches how to use the Editor's built-in scripting tools to implement new features and customizations.

TatukGIS Customer News

The left column of this newsletter contains links to descriptions of successful commercial applications developed by TatukGIS customers using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel. (Please share your success story with sales@tatukgis.com.)

Reporting Support Issues

For the sake of efficiency and a timely response, customer requests for technical support should be sent only i) from the e-mail address of the licensed user (as the license is registered in the TatukGIS system) ii) to the support@tatukgis.com e-mail address. Directions for submitting technical support requests are provided at support pages.

How to know when a new product version is available?

To minimize the use of e-mail notifications, we suggest:

  1. Within a product in use:
    • Editor & Viewer – check the Welcome page
    • Developer Kernel – manually check from Start->All Programs->TatukGIS->Developer Kernel xxxx->Check for Update
  2. Subscribe to a feed:
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