TatukGIS Newsletter, March 2014
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Customer News

Belgium Municipality implements custom GIS with TatukGIS Editor

UK company uses DK10 to add 3D visualization to Air Pollution Modeling Software

I-GIS uses DK.NET 10 to develop Geological Modeling and Visualization Software

DK-VCL used to develop Cemetery Information Management Systems

Government Tender Won with TatukGIS Editor

DK-VCL used to develop Offshore & Naval solutions for Oil & Gas industry in Brazil

Erie County, PA uses TatukGIS Editor for Property Value Reassessment


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TatukGIS Developer Kernel for ASP.NET v.10

The Developer Kernel for ASP.NET edition is a pure .NET code ASP.NET web server component supporting the full TatukGIS object API and HTML5/JavaScript technology for smooth, multi-touch browsing with leading web browsers and platforms (iOS iPhone and iPad, Mac OS, Android phone and tablets, Windows Mobile devices, etc.). Rich client side editing and drawing features can be customized using the JavaScript API.

HTML5 enables smooth, multi-touch access from this Android tablet.

As a web server component, the ASP.NET edition is complimentary to other DK editions designed for desktop, client-server, embedded, and handheld GIS application development. The DK.ASPNET is free of server deployment royalties or run-time fees and features easy “copy file” deployment. Recent blogs discuss using the DK.ASPNET to offer REST services, publish Web Tiles, and open WMS services in Google Earth.

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TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Compact Framework v.10

The DK.CF edition reflects pure .NET code making it highly similar to the DK.NET edition – both can even compile the same application source code! Version 10 features significantly improved performance, state-of-the-art support for thousands of coordinate systems, additional data formats (even SQL based vector and image layers running on SQLite database), opening WMS, WFS, and WMTS services from the web, and more.

Despite the popularity of other mobile operations systems, Windows Mobile and CE are still widely used on rugged handheld computing devices favored for enterprise-level GIS solutions in industries such as forestry and land management, mining, oil and gas, etc.


DK.CF compiled application running on a Juniper Systems Archer rugged handheld computer.

Free TatukGIS Viewer for 64 Bits

Like its more powerful sibling the TatukGIS Editor, the free desktop GIS Viewer is now available as 32 and 64 bit versions. Both versions are provided as a single universal installer.

Download Free Viewer

New 3rd Party Plug-ins for the TatukGIS Editor

Value added partner SmallToGo offers impressive new modules (some for free) that expand the Editor with additional and specialized functionality. These modules are excellent samples of how, with very reasonable development cost, the built-in scripting tools with object API can be used to extend the Editor with powerful new features. Descriptions of the City Heating, Themes Manager, Scales Manager, Spatial Selection, Network Tracing, and Permits-Parcels modules are found under 3rd Party Products.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DK versus the Editor for custom application development are discussed in knowledge base item KB10868.

TatukGIS Coordinate Calculator for Mac

The Coordinate Calculator is interesting because it contains the same state-of-the-art support for coordinate systems found in other TatukGIS products. The Calculator version for the Apple Mac operating system provided an early hint of progress on support for non-Windows operating systems (Mac, iOS, Android, Java supported OS). The TatukGIS Coordinate Calculator for Mac is available for a minimal price from the Mac App Store.

What's Brewing

TatukGIS is working intensively on a major rewrite of the core Developer Kernel library to provide multi-platform compatibility. In addition to Windows, the DK code will run on OSX (Mac), iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices (also as plain Java code). We strive to make this upcoming upgrade as backward compatible as possible. Another important new feature is hardware acceleration for drawing on VCL, WinForms, and WPF. And there will be other new features. A short video demonstrating the multi-platform support was provided in a recent blog.

TatukGIS Customer Related News

The left column of this newsletter contains links to short articles describing how TatukGIS customers are successfully using TatukGIS products. (Please share your success story with sales@tatukgis.com.)

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