TatukGIS Newsletter, November 2015
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Customer News

Tsukasa Consulting Develops GIS for Fukushima Nuclear Decontamination Project

TownSuite ERP Software for Municipal Governments in Canada

Geologix Road Infrastructure Asset Management in Switzerland & Germany

Swiss Federal Railways Infrastructure Asset Management System

Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Mapping System

Michigan School District Administrative Planning GIS

Battlespace Simulations Modern Air Combat Environment for U.S. Military

Skogsägarplan Forestry Management Software in Sweden

TreeGIS Front-End for USDA Forest Service i-Tree

VIA Smart Road Safety Solutions in Benelux Countries

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Developer Kernel 11 is almost here

TatukGIS is in the final stage of testing the new Delphi Kernel 11 for Delphi introducing support for multiple operating systems, e.g., Windows, Apple iOS and OSX, and Android. Other significant new features and enhancements include graphics card acceleration for improved rendering speed, high resolution “retina” map rendering taking advantage of new generation 4K display technology, redesigned and enhanced support for pixel operations with related features such as pixel approximation & interpolation, more intuitive legend and visual layer property controls, and more.

DK11 for Delphi running on iPad (iOS), Nexus7 (Android), MacBook Pro (OS X).

The DK11 for .NET edition is also at an advanced stage, sharing all code changes from the DK11 for Delphi and full support for hardware accelerated rendering, even on WinForms platform.

A new member of the Developer Kernel family is the DK11 for Java (yes! - native Java development, yes! - Linux support, and yes! - works with Eclipse, JavaBeans or other IDE of your choice). At the first stage, the DK for Java edition is orientated to desktop application development. Interested Java GIS developers, contact us at sales@tatukgis.com.

With the DK 11 upgrade, TatukGIS introduces a new on-line helpfile system, produced from our internally developed help documentation generator described in a recent blog. (see more)

Though not yet completed, TatukGIS is making good progress on vector topological layer storage and data editing, with local storage using SQLite and spatial database server storage using Oracle Spatial or PostGIS native structures. This is very important for users of network (pipes, etc.) or cadaster-like applications. We look forward to soon introducing this powerful new functionality in the DK and Editor.

Editor/Viewer video tutorials, new scripts ...

Even as Editor 4 updates continue to be published, TatukGIS is already using the DK11 to actively develop the Editor 5 (so DK11 features and improvements will appear in the Editor 5 upgrade).

In recent months a number of video tutorials have been published demonstrating key aspects of the desktop GIS Editor, such as setting up a project, running and writing scripts, layer reprojection, buffers, and attribute operations. We anticipate more Editor/Viewer video tutorials in the future. (see more)

Occasionally TatukGIS creates new scripts that extend the Editor with useful new features. The recently added Field Calculator script performs basic mathematical calculations using attribute values with simple math operators. The Binning script uses the "binning technique" to intuitively visualize data density when working with large data sets. The MapBox script provides for streaming MapBox street and satellite image coverages as background layers in a GIS project. These scripts are described in recent blogs on the TatukGIS web site.

Recently added support for the QGIS (*.qgs) project file enables opening QGIS map projects in TatukGIS software, and porting projects from any QGIS supported 3rd party software product to TatukGIS.

Network Tracing plug-in upgraded

The Network Tracing module to the TatukGIS Editor, developed using the Editor scripting environment by value-added partner SmallToGo, has been upgraded with support for network traceouts involving multiple arc objects that can be defined using a standard query definition. (see more)

Knowledge Base update

TatukGIS is in the process of reviewing the searchable, on-line knowledge base, containing several hundred documents, to correct or remove obsolete content to make the knowledge base more helpful for customers and evaluators.

Customer Related News

The left column of this newsletter contains links to short articles describing successful applications developed by TatukGIS customers using the Developer Kernel. Please contact sales@tatukgis.com with your success story!

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