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Washington State County Road Administration Board using DK.NET for Road Management System

Useall company in Brazil using the DK.NET to develop Electrical Power Network Solutions

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TatukGIS Editor 4 with Raster/Vector Layer Rectification

The latest Editor upgrade added new features to rectify and georeference raster and vector map layers. The vector support can be used, for example, to rectify CAD drawings (such as with an unknown coordinate system) to a coordinate system or correct old shapefile layers to match a new orthophoto.

  • Rectification is performed on-the-fly, with the rectified result instantaneously visible.
  • Rectification reflects the TatukGIS state-of-the-art coordinate system support with 3,000 pre-defined coordinate systems.
  • The rectification functionality can be driven with scripts, such as to create labor saving routines for repetitive tasks.

The rectification calculation reflects 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order polynomial transformations. A future update will add an alternative “rubber sheeting” rectification method. 

With the Editor now supporting better layer rectification functionality than was available in the old TatukGIS Aerial Imagery Corrector (AIC) product, the AIC has been discontinued. All AIC licensed users with active maintenance have been cross upgraded (free of charge) to the Editor 4. AIC users with expired license maintenance may purchase a cross upgrade to the Editor for the special price of only $156 (offer valid until August 31, 2012).

Rectifying a CAD drawing (left window) to a coordinate system using a reference layer (right window).

CAD drawing after rectification with MapQuest OpenStreetMap layer (opened from the web).

Download Editor 4 Trial version (for evaluators)

Download Editor 4 Retail version (for customers)

DK for Compact Framework Upgraded to Version 10

The version 10 upgrade of TatukGIS Developer Kernel – Compact Framework (DK-CF) edition (for the development of mobile GIS solutions for the Windows Mobile and CE operating systems) has been released as an unstable version for existing customers. A DK-CF 10 trial version will be available for evaluators as soon as possible. The DK-CF 10 is a free upgrade for all DK-CF customers, including customers with expired license maintenance. The version 10 generally brings the DK-CF up to the current level of the DK-VCL, DK.NET, and DK-ActiveX product editions, including significant performance improvements, state-of-the-art support for coordinate systems, etc.

Download DK10 for CF, Beta1 (for customers only)

“City Heating” GIS developed from TatukGIS Editor

TatukGIS value added partner, SmalltoGo in the Netherlands, now offers a package of modules designed to address the GIS requirements of municipal (district) hot water heating networks, such as are widely found in Eastern European countries.  The product, named City Heating, runs on top of the TatukGIS Editor and is developed using the Editor’s built-in scripting environment. More about City Heating…

Training Courses in U.S. for TatukGIS products

TatukGIS value added partner and long-time customer, TatukGIS Consulting USA located in Dubuque, Iowa, is offering one and two day training courses for TatukGIS products:  (1) TatukGIS Editor Training (one day course), and (2) TatukGIS Developer Kernel (or Editor Customization) Training (two day course). The next training course is scheduled for August 14 & 15, 2012 in Dubuque. Class sizes are limited to 14 seats and students will be required to bring their own laptop computer with the TatukGIS software already installed.

More details available here

North American TatukGIS Users Conference?

TatukGIS Consulting USA has proposed hosting a two-day TatukGIS Users Conference in Dubuque, Iowa, possibly in the month of November. The conference would be targeted to users of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, desktop GIS Editor, and Internet Server products in North America (though TatukGIS customers from other regions would also be welcome). The conference fee would be modest, probably not more than $100 per person to cover the cost of renting the hall and organizational expenses. TatukGIS personnel would be willing to travel to Dubuque  (from our office in Europe) to participate. The decision whether or not to hold the conference will be based on the level of customer interest and feedback.

We wait for your feedback (on-line survey)

What’s Brewing

The next few months will be interesting for the software industry with the introduction of Windows 8. All TatukGIS products are out-of-the-box compatible with the Windows 8 desktop/tablet environment. In the nearest months we will evaluate the new Windows “tiled” interface and customer reception to this, and update future TatukGIS product versions accordingly.

We are working on a major rewrite of the Developer Kernel product that will be introduced in the future as version 11. Our target is to incorporate support for new technologies while improving the support for the already supported technologies, e.g., VCL, WinForms, ActiveX, etc.  We are considering new support for:  Embarcadero FireMonkey (for Windows and Apple OSX), Apple iOS, Google Android, WinRT, and even Java. Though TatukGIS does not forecast the timing of future product releases, we look toward a DK v.11 release sometime in 2013. Despite great progress so far, we are still not sure which technologies will be supported first and which must wait until later.  So please regard this only as a hint of the direction the DK development is going, and not as a promise.

While we always strive to make each new DK version as compatible as possible with existing code to enable smooth upgrade migration, the major code rewrite for the DK 11 means that migrating from the DK 10 version to the DK 11 will be much simpler than upgrading from a pre-10 version to the DK 11. Therefore, if you have not yet upgraded your development to the DK10, now is a good time to do this.

The work (experimental thus far) on the future DK 11 does not detract from our ongoing progress with the existing DK 10 version. In the nearest weeks and months we will introduce more DK 10 functionality. As one example, we expect to soon update the DK 10 and Editor products with greatly improved 3D support that includes state-of-the-art surface texturing.

TatukGIS Customer Related News

The left column of this newsletter contains links to descriptions of successful applications developed by TatukGIS customers using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel. (Please share your success story with sales@tatukgis.com.)

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