TatukGIS Newsletter, January 2017
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Developer Kernel 11 for Delphi and .NET

TatukGIS Developer Kernel version 11 editions for Delphi and .NET are released and available to customers with active maintenance plan. Trial versions are available for evaluators.

The DK11 for Delphi edition introduces support for Embarcadero FMX (FireMonkey) framework, enabling professional GIS development for the macOS, iOS (iPad, iPhone), and Android operating systems, in addition to Windows.

Other important DK11 new features include redesigned support for pixel operations and grid analysis, vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms, powerful built-in line style editor, extended line styles, 700+ item SVG symbols library, improved rendering performance, high resolution 4K monitor support, enhanced 3D support, more intuitive visual layer property control, and latest .NET framework support.

Version 11 upgrade of the DK for ASPNET edition is under development and will follow soon, along with a new GIS SDK for Java development.

DK On-line Documentation

Dedicated Developer Kernel 11 documentation web site contains full API documentation, What's New, Sample Descriptions, and Migration Guide. Content is updated regularly. New DK 11 features are presented in What’s new. Visit at: http://docs.tatukgis.com/DK11 

Interpolation and Heatmap Algorithms

DK11 support for vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms for Kriging, IDW, Splines, and heatmaps is discussed in a recent blog.

Better Dialog Boxes on iOS and Android

The latest DK11 support for dialog boxes on iOS and Android tablets is explained in a recent blog.

TatukGIS Hosting OpenStreetMap Tiles

Following discontinuation of the MapQuest OpenStreetMap tile service, TatukGIS is hosting for TatukGIS customers its own web map tile service featuring the same OpenStreetMap data previously hosted by MapQuest. Use as a background layer in TatukGIS map projects. Feedback is appreciated! Read more in a recent blog.

Value-Added Partner in Japan

TatukGIS is cooperating with long-time customer Tsukasa Consulting Co. in Osaka, Japan to offer reselling, value-added consulting, software architecture design, custom development, premium support, and training relating to TatukGIS products.

Question and Answer Resource

Replacing the old product forums, TatukGIS now hosts the new on-line Question and Answer (Q & A) resource found on the TatukGIS web site under Support / Q&A. Read and write access is available to customers of TatukGIS products; read-only access is available to everyone.

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