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Cadastral Mapping App Running Smoothly on iPad Pro

The video below features an interactive cadastral property map application running on an iPad Pro developed by TatukGIS customer TSUKASA Consulting in Japan using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Delphi + Mobile. The video demonstrates how smoothly DK developed GIS/mapping functionality runs on iOS. The customer also used the DK to compile the same application for macOS.


UPDATED 2017/10/13 -New Video Content


The dataset featured in the video is composed of SHP format point and polygon layers containing approximately 110,000 polygons representing individual land parcels. The dataset is representative of a mid-sized city in Osaka Prefecture in Japan, though the data visible in the video has been altered (fictionalized) to ensure there is no violation of data privacy.

Like any DK developed application, the app perfectly supports Japanese language characters.

Development environment:

  • DK.Dephi 11 version
  • Delphi - FireMonkey in Rad Studio RX10.2 Tokyo
  • Windows 10 in VMWare Fusion on macOS Sierra Ver10.12.6 


  • iPad Pro 12.9inch model 128GB (pictured in video)
  • iMac - early 2011 (development machine)
  • MacBook Pro - Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015 (development machine)

Database for saved images:

  • SQLite 3 running on iOS


For questions about the app featured in this video or its development, contact TSUKASA.

Posted: October 06, 2017