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Developer Kernel 11 for .NET - Early Access Program

The Developer Kernel 11 for .NET development is approaching the final stage. Today we announce general availability of the Early Access Program of DK11 for .NET.

  • All DK10.NET licensed users with the active maintenance get rights to write and distribute DK11 compiled .NET desktop applications.
  • Downloads are available at My Products.
  • WinForms support is included. WPF support will come shortly.
  • As the name suggests, there still is some work to be done before the final release (with trial versions), but the current product is sufficiently stable to use to develop with, plan migration paths, and even release .NET final products.
  • Documentation is available on-line at http://docs.tatukgis.com/DK11, including full API documentation, What's New, Sample Descriptions, and Migration Guide. (Content is being updated on a daily basis.)
  • We will continue to maintain the DK10.NET (NDK) version for a while (for 3 months after reaching the DK11 final release milestone). So there is no hurry, but it is good to plan your migration path to the DK11.
  • Send any comments or questions directly to the TatukGIS Support email address.
Posted: October 10, 2016
Filed under: .NET, DK