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DK 10 Released

We released the Developer Kernel v.10 - VCL and .NET editions - during the night of September 30 / morning of October 1.

This upgrade primarily focuses on:

  • Integrated 3D map rendering features
  • 64 bit support
  • Fully rewritten .NET code
  • A number of other significant new features and enhancements.
A more detailed description will be provided soon as a news announcement. Version 10 changes are detailed on the DK History page.

While we tested this version heavily, as usual, some small, non-critical issues were found just after release:
  • small issues with installing paths on C++Builder
  • some global Gisxxx were not published in TGIS_Utils in DK.NET
We will soon release an update with these fixes, along with the DK-ActiveX v.10 (also as 64 bit version), in the next few days. Stay tuned!
Posted: October 03, 2011