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Developer Kernel11 release comments

TatukGIS Developer Kernel DK11 has been released.

A number of comments and clarifications found below.

Name change

We changed the name of "TatukGIS Developer Kernel VCL Edition" to "TatukGIS Developer Kernel for Delphi". So please don't be surprised if your purchased product is now referred to on our website using a slightly different name (of course all past legal documents such as invoices persist under the old name). Reasons for this change are:
  • ?This edition is no longer bound only to the VCL - we also provide FMX framework.
  • Even if the name is for Delphi you can still use it with C++Builder (we provide all necessary compiled libraries), though the provided source code is written in Object Pascal and can only be compiled if you own Delphi or RAD studio license.
Other DK editions will also be renamed using the word "for", such as DK for .NET, but these changes are more cosmetic.

Other editions

The DK for Delphi and DK for .NET are presently available. What about other DK editions? We are actively working on DK for Java, DK for ActiveX and DK for ASPNET. But we do not yet disclose release dates for these editions. Releasing a new version for Compact Framework is pointless.

Desktop vs Mobile

The DK for Delphi can be purchased as Desktop or Desktop+Mobile variants.
  • Desktop is focused on development for Windows and/or macOS platforms. The normal standard variant of a product is now named Desktop. According to the license you can still develop server applications with it, but we do not provide with this variant any kind of server specific libraries.
  • Mobile is for developing on Android and iOS. To use Mobile, you must also have Desktop.
  • Mobile support is considered for future releases of DK for .NET as well.

Supported versions of Delphi/C++/RAD Studio

We support all versions starting from XE3. However to use FMX on desktop or mobile platform, at least XE7 is required.

Trial versions are available for all versions starting from XE4. Generally we will offer trial only to +1 version that is supported, which is a clear sign that XE3 will not be supported going forward.


Both .NET and Delphi editions got simplified activations:

  • To use at a design time an activation is not required.
  • Upon debug, activation code is read from registry, so you can start a new application effortless.
  • To run application (also to debug on non-Windows platforms) you must provide activation code in an application code. See Installation&Activation in the documentation.
  • All the above is true also for Trial versions

Trial versions limitation

We simplified Trial versions as well:
  • Applications no longer have a run-time limit. So it will not stop working after a couple of minutes.
  • Application compiled with a Trial version can be executed as long as your Trial period is valid.
  • Application compiled with Trial version can be executed on only on a machine on which the Trial version has been activated.

How long DK10 will be supported

We plan to release fixes for DK10 on a usual schedule for 2 months after releasing the DK11. Adding any new features or significant design changes to the DK10 is unlikely.


When communicating with our customers, we sometimes use acronyms to make text shorter. The new "official" way of constructing acronyms is:

  • DK.Delphi
    Developer Kernel for Delphi
    • DK.Delphi.VCL
      VCL specific
      • DK.Delphi.VCL.Win64.DCC
        VCL win64 Delphi compiler specific
      • DK.Delphi.FMX.iOS.BCC
        FMX iOS C++Builder specific
    • DK.Delphi.FMX
      FMX specific code
  • DK.NET
    Developer Kernel for .NET
    • DK.NET.WinForms.VB
      Winforms Visual basic specific
      WPF C# specific
  • DK11.NET?
    DK11 specific
  • DK10.NET
    DK10 specific
Posted: November 23, 2016
Filed under: Android, ASP.NET, C++BUILDER, DK, iOS, JAVA, MAC