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The GIS Internet Server 10 is coming (finally)

The Internet Server 10 Beta is now just around the corner. Take a look at this video showing sample IS 10 web mapping sites running on various platforms.

Internet Server 10 is:

  • fully .NET code (unlike the IS 9 which was based on the DK edition for ActiveX)
  • 64bit ready
  • fully utilizes modern browsers with extensive support for HTML5
  • existing code is very easy to port, with only minor syntax changes required by the change in the underlying engine from the Developer Kernel edition for ActiveX to the Developer Kernel edition for .NET
  • IS 10 samples are ready to browse at: http://samples.tatukgis.com/TatukGIS_DK10_ASPNET
Posted: November 30, 2013
Filed under: .NET, ASP.NET, HTML5, IS