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Internet Server 9 Hints

The Internet Server 9 (XIS9) has been released. While there are no earth-shattering new features - this version contains significant improvements to bring the Internet Server up-to-date with the latest features of the Developer Kernel. But we have fixed and added a few things of special mention:
  • For creating a new service, the Developer Edition should be used.
  • A purchased version contains:
    • Developer Edition for development; to be installed on a desktop machine
    • Deployment - just a set of libraries to be copied to the production server. So deployment is easier than ever before.
  • Multi-threading behavior has been improved. In some cases speed in a multi-user environment is radically faster.
  • A new sample Set#6/Wms shows how to create WMS servers.
  • All samples are Chrome friendly.
Also please remember that for top speed you should:
  • Guarantee that the .rtree file is already generated. Generating .rtree is a slow process and should not be done on the server side.
  • The same goes for generating network files for routing (new network engine with persistent  storage is coming in builds newer than .6512)
  • If you plan to edit geometry or attributes on the server side, use an SQL based format. File based formats, like SHP, etc., are not suitable for server side map editing.
  • Avoid opening on the server side any text formats such as TIGER, MIF, or DXF. Such formats must be fully loaded into memory and, therefore, consume a lot of memory and require more time to open. We advise testing your project using desktop tools like the TatukGIS Editor/Viewer to verify if files are opening fast enough.
Posted: November 17, 2010
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