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Grid Reclassification

We are thrilled to announce new Grid Reclassification functionality in the next stable release version of our GIS SDK, the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK).

The Grid Reclassification tool is designed to streamline the work of GIS specialists by providing an efficient method for reclassifying grid layer values, a critical task performed by many GIS users. Now TatukGIS customers can more easily and efficiently provide this feature in their DK-developed applications.

What is Grid Reclassification?

Grid reclassification is the process of reassigning values in a raster dataset based on specified criteria, typically to simplify or categorize the data. An example is conversion of a continuous range of elevation values into distinct elevation zones. This technique is invaluable for various analyses, such as performed in the fields of environmental monitoring, land use planning, and risk assessment.

Key Features

  • Range-Based Reclassification: Define new values for ranges of input values.
  • Value-Based Reclassification: Directly map specific input values to new values.
  • Handling NoData Values: Manage cells that fall outside defined reclassification ranges.
  • Use of Altitude Map Zones: Optionally utilize map altitude zones for reclassification.

Sample Images

Landuse originalLanduse reclassified
Visualization of reclassified land use data.


Elevation originalElevation reclassified
Before and after reclassification of elevation data.
Posted: May 27, 2024
Filed under: DK