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Editor Monty

Some wondered when TatukGIS released the DK for Python edition in late 2022, if that would have implications for the desktop TatukGIS Editor. The answer is yes.

We are hard at work on adding Python support to the Editor and the progress is very good. We expect to release an Editor version with Python support quite soon. The code name for this version will be Monty.

The Editor Monty version will include:

  • Ability to run Python scripts.
  • Visual scripts based on our Portable Visual Library (PVL).
  • Support for debugpy. Any debugger compatible with Debugger Adapter Protocol (e.g. VS Code) can be used.
  • Our homebrewed Python debugger/editor, as well.
  • Visual designer for forms is planned, but not expected in the initial Monty release.
  • Support for 64 bits only. The Editor 32-bit version will be retired.
  • Current support for Pascal/Basic scripting for a while longer. Never-the-less, it is time to think about porting existing Editor scripts to Python, which supports classes and is more robust and efficient. TatukGIS is in the process of rewriting to Python its scripts provided in the Editor download package.


Early version of the Python editor/debugger.

Prior to the Monty release, customers with a DK license can get a head start by evaluating the DK for Python edition, which shares with Editor Monty the same API and logic. The DK for Python is also in the process of migration to pure PVL.

In addition to Python support, other big news relating to Editor functionality is expected for later this year. Stay tuned.

Posted: April 05, 2023