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Extended Line Styles

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel, GIS Editor, and free GIS Viewer are equipped with advanced features to customize the appearance of vector lines such as using colors, width, dash-dot patterns, etc. An extended line style designer is a part of the visual layer properties control, which is accessed simply by clicking on a map layer in the Legend panel.

Extended line style designer (editor). Script code defining the pictured line style.

The line style designer offers predefined content and selections for specifying relatively common line styles. More complicated or custom line styles - such as incorporating arrows, parallel lines, zig-zag patterns, spacings, colors, and more - can be defined using a simple script language. A line style created from predefined content and endings can be further customized by altering the script responsible for the line rendering logic. The possibilities are unlimited.

It should be remembered that rendering complexity and drawing speed are inversely correlated. A compromise is to make more complicated line styles scale dependent, so rendered only at relatively closer zoom levels.

More detailed information about advanced line style possibilities, including logic, commands, value options, coding examples, etc., is available under Extended line symbology in the online product documentation.

The Publishing Cartographic Quality Maps blog is a tutorial demonstration that includes use of sophisticated line styles.

Posted: July 25, 2023