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Fresnel Zones

The DK now brings Fresnel zone analysis for radio wave propagation purposes.

Class TGIS_Viewshed got a new method, GenerateFresnel, and a new property, Frequency. Generating grid data with Fresnel Zone clearance is as easy as:

viewshed = new TGIS_Viewshed(); 

viewshed.Frequeny = 100000000 ; // 100 Mhz


  • _dem
    layer with digital elevation model;
  • _transmitters
    layer with location of transmitters;
  • _clearance
    output layer with pixel values varying between 0 and 100 (clearance in percents)
  • _zone_number
    number of Fresnel zone for which calculation will be performed;
  • _offset_dem
    value to be added to DEM (like forest height);
  • _offset_field
    attribute field with transmitter elevation height offset;
  • _offset_transmitter
    fixed transmitters height offset.

The computation result looks like:

Mast: 100m, Frequency: 100Mhz

See more in Documentation.

Posted: January 27, 2018
Filed under: ANALYSES, DK