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Better dialog boxes on iOS and Android

Showing dialog boxes using standard FMX forms on iPad or Android tablets is a less than optimal experience.

Therefore, with the Developer Kernel version 11.1, we have taken extra care to make dialog boxes friendly on mobiles. In a DK developed FMX GIS iOS or GIS Android application, all DK standard dialogs are presented like this:

DK11.1 Mobile Dialogs
DK11.1 running on iPad.


To use this feature in your code, simply change in forms like:

 : TMyForm = class (TForm)
  end ;


  TMyForm = class (TGIS_ModalForm)
  end ;

And use:

    procedure ( _modal_result : TModalResult )
      // your code 
    end ;
  ) ;


You can safely use this code without any conditional compilation - standard modal dialogs are used on desktop platforms. You can, however, use conditional compilation GIS_MOBILE_DIALOGS for any custom stuff, such as hiding standard OK/CANCEL buttons.

While the Legend form is too big to be successfully used on phone-sized devices, some other dialogs such as the coordinate system selection form work well on small screens. (The Legend form works smoothly on all tablet-sized devices.)

The current status of this feature is still rather experimental - we will improve it in the future by providing better pickers for custom combo boxes.

Posted: January 23, 2017
Filed under: Android, DELPHI, DK, FMX, iOS.