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Seven scripts in seven days - Day #7

Editor scripting is a very powerful tool. You can create procedures, dialog boxes, or add your own toolbars and menus. In fact, the whole Editor menu and toolbar system is built from scripts. Therefore, it is possible to perform very deep customization. Thanks to this, you can create your own unique "versions" of the Editor to perfectly match your needs or the needs of your customers.
A perfect example of such deep customization is the FGIS product, which is developed from the TatukGIS Editor but reflects a fully redesigned user interface designed to match the needs of foresters and land management professionals.

This is the last blog of the "Seven scripts in seven days" series. If you find these blogs useful or have comments, feel free to send an email to the TatukGIS sales department (contacting TatukGIS).
Posted: January 22, 2012
Filed under: EDT, SCRIPTING