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Seven scripts in seven days - Day #3

It is particularly difficult to prepare a universal GPS application. The requirements for a GPS application can be as many as there are requirements for a map application. One person, for example, might want to use GPS just to georeference a broken street lamp incident record, while another person might want to use GPS to store tracks, another as a navigational aid, etc. Again, a script can come to rescue. The TatukGIS Editor contains two GPS related scripts.
GPSLocate script
This is just a "how-to" script, demonstrating how to connect to a GPS device and integrate the control as a panel within the Editor IDE.

The GPS Locate Enhanced script (provided courteously by www.smalltogo.com) is a ready-to-use plug-in with the ability to show the current position on the map and store positions as linear or polygonal tracks. This script should satify most of the requirements of most GPS tracking applications.

Posted: January 18, 2012
Filed under: EDT, GPS, SCRIPTING