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Seven scripts in seven days - Day #2

Most of scripts provided with the Editor are just samples/templates of custom user scripts, designed to provide a head start with script creation relating to selected areas of functionality. A few of the scripts, however, present complete, small, useful applications/extensions.

Scripts, created in Basic or Pascal, can access almost any feature from the powerful TatukGIS Developer Kernel. The Editor, by design, does not add all possible features to the menu system because doing so is impractical - the menu would be enormously complicated and always there would be a feature that is missed or not implemented in the way a particular user would prefer. The real power of the Editor is that each user can easily extend the product with the features that are really needed.
Day 2 - Triangulation
The Triangulation script is able to triangulate any vector layer or create Voronoi charts. For features other than points, centroids are used as source points for the triangulation. If a layer is composed of 3D points, the triangulated layer creates a TIN layer.

To learn how to add a script into the menu system, see Day #1 


Do you need more? Just open this script in Script->Design->Open and customize it!
Posted: January 17, 2012
Filed under: EDT, SCRIPTING