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DK.NET Trial on NuGet

Effective today (February, 25th 2019), the TatukGIS Developer Kernel .NET Trial version is deployed as a NuGet package.

This means, right from the Visual Studio environment, a user can refer to the TatukGIS.DK.NET.Trial package for new WinForms and WPF projects:

  • visually:
    Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution ...
  • or from Package Manager console:
    PM> Install-Package TatukGIS.DK.NET.Trial

To start using NuGet packages, however, a full trial version must first be downloaded and installed from the TatukGIS server. This is required because only the downloaded version:

  • provides proper activation (which is required)
  • contains samples
  • contains 3rd party libraries (e.g., SQLite)

The NuGet package contains just the TatukGIS_DK11.dll assembly. Referencing from NuGet, never-the-less vastly simplifies creation of new projects.

We plan to later also provide NuGet packages for the full retail DK.NET edition, though from TatukGIS/private servers.

Posted: February 25, 2019
Filed under: .NET, VS