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How OpenStreetMap used by DK Customer

A common GIS development challenge is how to deploy a huge dataset to end users in a manageable way. This video (see below) shows how one TatukGIS customer, Battlespace Simulations (BSI), solved this problem to offer worldwide vector/raster base maps in their DK.NET developed Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) software by deploying virtual machines with ready-to-run datasets.

The BSI solution loads free OpenStreetMap worldwide vector/raster data to PostgreSQL databases running on Linux virtual machines on a Windows computer (using Oracle Virtual Box). The vector and raster datasets are on separate virtual machines linked by TCP/IP connection to a different computer running the MACE application shown the video. The vector data (600 GB) is stored as PostGIS database layers on PostgreSQL. The raster dataset (also approximately 600 GB) is organized as web tiles on PostgreSQL.

The solution uses the DK Enterprise support for spatial databases to enhance rendering performance with the huge PostGIS/PostgreSQL vector database.

The dataset featured in this video was prepared by Geofabrik AB in Karlsruhe, Germany. Only the road vectors are being retrieved from the OSM vector database in the video.


Posted: February 18, 2016
Filed under: DK, OpenStreetMap