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Forthcoming DK.NET

TatukGIS is close to releasing a new version of the Developer Kernel for .NET.

The pending new NDK will be compiled using Delphi Prism instead of the deprecated Delphi.NET compiler. As a result, new version should be a better citizen of the CLR environment. In particular, the new NDK:
  • Does not use any old Borland classes for lists, etc. All such objects are native CLR classes.
  • Is almost interop free. As a result, running an application on Linux or MacOSX under MONO environment is possible (with some limitations). See this
  • Performs some operations significantly faster.
  • Behaves better running 64bits code (with some limitations - not all 3rd party drivers are 64 bits aware).
  • Is 99% compatible with the current NDK version, so porting to the new NDK version will be almost effortless.
  • Enables TatukGIS to finally finally discontinue the VCL.NET, which is our plan.
As for the time frame for the new NDK - we pan to share it as beta version with NDK customers (those with active license maintenance) in February and to make the release version available not later than March 2011.
Posted: February 02, 2011