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Support for C++Builder XE3 64 bit version

We have been pretty busy during the last few weeks:

  1. We are happy to announce that the DK-VCL 10.7 fully supports C++Builder XE3 64 bit.
  2. We have had good progress on developing the future DK11 while we continue to deliver significant new features and enhancements to the DK10 (such as XE3 64 bit support). Version 10.7 brings some significant speed optimizations, making the DK even faster.
  3. Version 10 upgrade of the DK for Compact Framework (for rugged mobile device development) is just around the corner.
  4. We experienced serious hardware problems with our mail server few weeks ago. Even with full backup, ordering and installing new server hardware was not an overnight process. This event has accelerated our progress with moving all internal server infrastructure to a virtual environment (Windows 2012 + Hyper-V in our case). We moved all our servers: mail, web server, version control, bugs & ticket system server, and finally the continuous build and test machines. This was all much more work than expected, but now having a virtualized environment should leave us better protected against any future hardware failure.

Happy New Year for Everyone!

Posted: December 27, 2012