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DK.NET running on Mac

This is a sneak preview of the Developer Kernel for .NET running on the MAC O/S (via Mono framework).

See the video:
Small FAQ:
  1. Which DK features will be supported? Almost everything except very Windows dependent technologies such as MSJET.
  2. Only Mac? What about Linux? Linux will be supported as well.
  3. What about native look-and-feel on the Mac? No yet. Current version is just WinForms. We will consider GTK# or monoobjc solutions depending on customer demand.
  4. Will be possible to create ASP.NET solutions to run on Mac/Linux? Certainly.
  5. Can I just compile on Windows and run on Mac/Linux? Yes! The DK internally uses Delphi Prism which has perfect templates for Visual Studio. But developing on plain C# and VB/NET is possible as well. Developing /debugging on MonoDevelop is also possible.
  6. What about the iPhone and MonoTouch? MonoTouch does not support WinForms but we are considering this platform as well.
  7. What about speed? Speed seems to be similar to Microsofts's .NET Framework.
  8. When will be available? We do not yet offer an ETA, but generally we are finishing this effort.
  9. Is it still a single sourced solution or a reinvention of DK for MONO? We still compile all our solutions (VCL, ActiveX, .NET, CF, Internet Server) from the same code. The situation is simply that the movement of our .NET effort to Delphi Prism opens a number of new possibilities (such as the DK.NET for Mac). All future NDK releases will be Prism based.
Posted: December 22, 2010
Filed under: .NET, DK, IS, LINUX, MAC, MONO