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Editor v3 beta with 3D is available

The beta version of Editor v3 with the new 3D support is available to Editor customers with current license maintenance. You can download it here.

Some hints:
  • You can use the v.3 beta side-by-side with the Editor v2 on the same machine. The EDT3 Beta shares the same activation scheme with the EDT2.
  • You should have an active internet connection upon installation: EDT3 will verify (and install if required) a proper DirectX runtime.
  • You can test open 3D shape files, DEM models, etc.
  • The user interface still requires some polishing. We expect to issue the next beta in the next couple of weeks.
  • We are very close to releasing the final version, so any comments and bug reports on the v3 beta are welcome. Please share your comments with support at tatukgis.com. Add 'EDT3' to the e-mail subject field to help us properly classify your emails.
Posted: December 24, 2010
Filed under: EDT