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DK for Python

TatukGIS Developer Kernel product editions are offered for a number of programing languages, platforms, and operating systems: Delphi, C++, C#, VB, .NET, Java, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux. Some customers have been requesting support for still one platform more - Python. Now it is here, the new DK for Python edition.

A few facts about the Developer Kernel for Python:

  • Built on a top of the DK for Delphi as a .pyd file based on DelphiFMX4Python and python4delphi.
  • Comprehensive GIS functionality as any other DK edition.
  • Available for development on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • DK.Python GIS applications can be developed to run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux using any IDE supporting Python, such as Visual Studio, PyScripter, PyCharm, etc.
  • Created applications can be with or without FMX GUI.
  • Built using same approach as built-in Python classes. From the Python developer perspective, the DK for Python SDK behaves like any other Python package.
  • Syntax hints provided directly for .pyd file or, if supported, by IDE for .pyi.
  • Most of the existing DK source code samples are ported to Python.
  • Dedicated DK.Python documentation will be available shortly.
  • The library can be installed as a Wheel from our private PyPi repository.

As an introductory offer, TatukGIS will package the DK for Python edition with purchased licenses of any other Developer Kernel product edition. This means all DK licensed developers (using the DK for Delphi, DK for .NET, DK for Java, DK for ASP.NET, or DK for ActiveX editions) with active maintenance will receive access as well to the new DK for Python SDK, without paying an additional license fee.

A pre-release version of DK for Python will be available in September. Stay tuned.


Using TatukGIS for Python in PyCharm on MacOS


HelloDK Sample

Using TatukGIS for Python in Jupyter Notebook