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DK11 for Java (Beta)

We proudly announce the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) for Java beta program. The first DK11 for Java beta is already available to participants. Future beta updates will be released on a weekly schedule (typically on Friday evenings).


DK11 Java Eclipe/MacOS
DK11 for Java running on MacOS.


We have been busy for some time developing this new edition of our GIS SDK for Java development platform. For the moment we are focused on supporting desktop application development, though nothing in the code blocks using it on the server side.

About the DK for Java edition
  • It is native Java bytecode available as a jar file. There is no wrapper or whatever else. It is fully executable on Java JVM.
  • It is truly multi-platform. We tested compiled apps on Windows, MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu x64), and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). It should run on any platform that runs Java.
  • Applications can be developed on most common platforms. We tested development under Netbeans (Windows) and Eclipse (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu x64).
  • The DK.Java edition is not a slimmed-down version of another DK product edition. The same TatukGIS API is provided across all supported development platforms. The sample sets are the same for all DK editions. The test units are the same. In our continuous integration environment, we have run the same test suite against the DK for Delphi, .NET, and Java editions for the last several months.
  • Is it fast? Who said Java is slow? It is faster than you (or we) ever expected.
What is not ready yet
  • The only major DK functionality not ready for testing at this moment are the legend control (and connected dialog boxes) and spatial database connectors for Oracle and PostGIS. All other DK classes and controls are included in the currently available beta.
When will the DK for Java be available for purchase?
  • This depends on when the product will be ready! Good and timely feedback from beta testers will help! Generally, we would like to start commercially licensing the DK for Java edition under an Early Access Program sometime this fall.
How to join the Beta program
  • Existing DK customers are welcome. Please write a letter to our Sales Department (sales@) stating your interest.

  • If you are a Java developer who has not yet used the DK product, you can still contact our Sales Department. We will consider extending the DK.Java beta program to newcomers.
Posted: August 24, 2017
Filed under: DK, JAVA, MAC