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Developer Kernel Price Increase

TatukGIS announces Developer Kernel (DK) price changes to become effective June 1, 2022.

  • The DK standard (all editions) license price, before any applicable volume discount, will increase to $3,490 per developer license (from $2,990).
  • The price to renew or late-renew the annual support/upgrades maintenance for an existing DK license will increase proportionally to the increase in the license price. Therefore, maintenance renewal pricing as a percentage of the license price will remain unchanged.
  • The price premium for Enterprise licensing (a per customer amount embedded into the Enterprise license price that is independent of the number of DK licenses) will increase to $8,000 (from $7,500).

Volume price discounts on purchases and annual maintenance renewal transactions involving multiple licenses of the same product will continue at 20% on transactions involving 2-4 licenses, increasing to 30% on transactions involving 5-9 licenses. A 35% volume discount will apply to transactions involving at least 10 licenses of the same product.

DK customers with scheduled maintenance renewal/expiration dates not later than August 2022 have the option to renew maintenance early, before the June 1 price increase.

This is the first DK price increase in four years and only the second increase in the last decade.

Posted: May 02, 2022